About Most Viewed YouTube project

The story of this site is simple: I enjoy watching YouTube and I believe it is a phenomenon of our time, which has the power to change our future. Therefore I have been always curious about TOP YouTube lists, trends etc. However, I discovered it is very difficult to find actual and long enough chars. So as a personal project, I created this site.

The first version of this site was created in January 2019. But I have tons of ideas and I am working on this every spare time I have, you can expect new features almost every time. Some of them are visible, some of them not, because the most important part of this site is not visible

I am working on and you may be looking forward to advanced filtering/searching YouTube features, which nobody other offers. And my important goal is to be precise! Doing research I found out, there are some sites which offer charts with missing videos. I know why: YouTube has some issues in API (I am in contact with Google regarding this). And I have found some workarounds, you are on the good address here!

This is the real beginning, you will find here soon: